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FutureOS Email group The FutureOS Mailing-List. Post to reach lots of FutureOS users.



FutureOS on Youtube:



Videos about FutureOS, Applications, Games and Wallpapers



General Links:


LambdaSpeak III

Speech synthesis, MP3 player, Real-Time-Clock, Drum machine and way more...


Gerelakos is a large overscan Role Play Game for the CPC running under FutureOS.


Octoates CPC related site - Always the latest brand new News for the CPC!

CPC-Wiki national Die Wikipedia für Amstrad/Schneider CPC und Plus Computer (Deutsch).
CPC-Wiki international An Wikipedia for the Amstrad/Schneider CPC computers (English)



CPC Fora:


Amstrad CPC Forum

Deutsches Amstrad / Schneider CPC Forum von Devilmarkus. Powered by FutureOS.

Amstrad Plus Forum

French/English forum for the great 6128 Plus and related topics. Powered by AST.

Amstrad ES Forum

Spanisch Forum for the Amstrad CPC and Plus computers.

CPC-Wiki Forum The biggest CPC related forum, English language.

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