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Download CPCs fastest OS

FutureOS system .8 with Autoinstaller 2019-08-07


FutureOS system .8 ROMs only (Positions: 10-13)


Download Manual English
Startup Manual (Word and PDF format) - 2019-02-25 DOWNLOAD 
Startup Manual (Prowort & ASCII on .DSK) - 2019-01-21 DOWNLOAD
Big Manual, Tech Docs (PDF, Word, TXT) - 2019-02-25


Big Manual (Prowort & ASCII, on DSK) - 2019-01-21


Download Technical documentation and OS functions English
Documentation of the FutureOS API (Prowort & ASCII on DSK.). 2019-01-21 DOWNLOAD 


Download Dokumentation Deutsch
Kurzanleitung (Word und PDF Format) vom 21.01.2019


Kurzanleitung (DSK. für Prowort) vom 21.01.2019


Ausführliches Handbuch, TechDok (PDF, Word, TXT) 13.2.2019


Ausführliches Handbuch (DSK. für Prowort) 21.01.2019


Download Systemfunktionen und technische Dokumentation Deutsch
Technische Dokumentation des FutureOS API (DSK. für Prowort) 13.02.2019 DOWNLOAD 

For writing the provided DSK images to real Floppy Discs you can use CPCDiskXP or an HxC floppy emulator!

Games for FutureOS:

Games developed by FutureSoft members:

A Tribute to the Sisters - WIP: A remake of Giana Sisters from Tolkin and TFM. Video (WIP 2018-10-15).

Gerelakos PrePrePreView: This is just a preview how our huge RPG will look like in a distant future. FutureSoft will help to create this future for the CPC. Video (WIP 2006-09-07).

Space Chicken: Giant chicken from outer space attack the earthlings for their sins. You are the last line of defense. Can you save our little blue jewel called Earth a last time? Game in German and English available. Video (2015-01-16). 

Games developed by other programmers, adapted for FutureOS:

These games can be copied to your hard-disc, that way you can start them more quick.

Burnin_Wheels: In Burnin Wheels you guide your car in bird perspective. PD, 1987, by Thomas M. Schmidt (2012-05-04).

Hero: CPC clone of the Atari version. Created by Flynn (2005-07-18).


The disc mag FutureView:

FutureView I: Contains articles about The CPC Klassentreffen 2001, Z80 code under BBC BASIC, CPC Oxygen, The Greek CPC scene and The CPC next generation (2002-11-20).

FutureView II: Presents information's about FutureOS Emulation, CPC-Booster (Hardware), Coding for the CPC-Booster, The WinPC development system for the CPC and an interview with CSKi (2003-10-14).

FutureView III: Introduces the CPC MP3 FuturePlayer, the Dobbertin HD20 hard disc, XzentriX 2003 meeting report, CPC-Only Meeting 2004 live meeting report and the paper-mag "Another World" (2004-05-04).

FutureView IV (english)   FutureView IV (francais)   FutureView IV (deutsch) Video

The issues IV of FutureView presents ASCII-Tools, CPC-Only-Meeting III 2005, nvRAM (Symbiface) / EEROM (CPC-Booster) management, Product-ID satire, Z-Fest 2004, VCFe 5.0 2005, Interview SID, Berg-Meeting 2005, interview Optimus, CPC Demo/FX ideas, XzentriX 2004, SymbOS, interview Prodatron, CPC-Welcome 2005, CPC@work 2005, T-Rex 1, The Castle Meeting 2005 (2007-01-10, 2007-01-30, 2006-12-31).


Demos for FutureOS:

Captain Future Movie (4 MB RAM): A 4 MB long movie, the intro of Captain Future. Test you 4 MB expansion with this program in an amazing way. Video (2008-03-05).

Darth Vader: A brute force graphic demo. Shows the in 3D rotated spaceship of Darth Vader (1994-11-04).

Darth Vader (for Filmemacher/Moviemaker): The same as Darth Vader, but converted to CoData using Filmemacher/Moviemaker. See how fast it becomes by using Filmemacher/Moviemaker! Updated for FutureOS 0.8. Video (2010-08-30).

Fraktal & Star Trek Sample (Digiblaster): The Fraktal demo shows a rotating 3D fractal landscape. The Star Trek Sample is a 8 bit sample for the CPC Digiblaster. Video (1994-11-04).

Gravitation Zero: Another brute force graphic demo. Shows another space ship (1994-11-04).

Meg Ryan Sample (Digiblaster): A demo for the CPC Digiblaster with an overscan picture. Thnaks' to Lovebyte for the sample. Sorry, this one is not compatible to the newer OS version system .8. Use system .4 up to .7 (1994-11-04).

NGC4650A: See this galaxy moving, just a little demo how to scroll in fullscreenfast and smooth. Video (2007-05-02).

FutureSlideShow: Just a Slide show, nothing special (2013).


Applications for FutureOS:

System Utilities: Useful tools, among them is the 'Konfig OS' / 'Config OS' utility which allows you to adapt the configuration of FutureOS (i.e. select green / color monitors, SPARtan mode, hardware expansions etc.). The 'OS Infos' tool shows you important features. And more... (2018.08.22).

Wallpapers / HinterGrundBilder (HGB): A collection of 77 Wallpapers for the Turbo Desktop of the FutureOS. Use the great JavaCPC tool 'FutureOS Wallpaper Tool' to create your own wallpapers super easy! Videos of Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, Disc 4, Disc 5, Disc 6 and Disc 7 (2020-01-30)

FutureTex: The text editor 'FutureTex' provides support for all 256 characters, in MODE 1 and 2, different screen fomats (80x25, 68x30, 64x32, 92x22), 8 or 9 scanlines, multiple open files up to 480 KB, different character sets, different keyboard matrix sets, support of control codes and more to come... This is my current work. It's under development and probably not completely bug-free. Few more functions will be added. Let me know what you miss :-). (2020-06-17).

Filmemacher 2010: The revolutionary Filmemacher/Moviemaker (2010) creates CoData (a combination of Z80 code and screen data). It provides the fastest way to show full screen movies on af CPC with 50 fps! You can create your own movies by compiling single pictures to CoData movies. Direct your own movie now! On CPC! Where else ;-) Video 1, Video 2 (2010-08-15).

FIOLIB (C library for FutureOS): With the library FIOLIB and the framework RUNC you can use the Small-C language for FutureOS. Video (2011-12-18).

GMSK (CPC Plus): The Graphical Mode 0 Screen Konverter. Converts Mode 0 graphics into CPC Plus sprites (2006-01-23). 

ROManager 2.25 (for ALL devices): Comfortably manage all the 32 Pseudo-ROMs of the M4 (Duke), X-MEM (ACME), FlashGordon (PulkoMandy), MegaFlash (Bryce) or SYMBiFACE II (Dr. Zed) and III (TMTlogic) under FutureOS. In addition ROManager supports expansion ROMs for FutureOS and CP/M (2019.01.18).

ROManager (Jareks Flash ROM): Comfortably manage the Pseudo-ROMs of Jareks internal 2.5 MB Flash-ROM expansion for the CPC6128 (Ver. 1.2) (2020-04-09).


Information, Source Codes & Programming:

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about FutureOS (2019.06.11).

Application and expansion ROM Source Code: Just take a look at the source codes (for MAXAM 1.15) of some applications to know how they work. There is also an example for FutureOS expansion ROMs (2019.01.18).

CBM: can be the surface or UI for your FutureOS application. CBM provides a framework in documented Z80 source. It works with comfortable pull down menus and file selectors. All RSTs and interrupts are freely usable (Version 1.9.9) (2020.04.15).

OS variables and EQUates: Especially needed for Z80 programmers. These files provide lists (EQUates) of the OS function calls (API) and OS system variables, ready to be integrated in your own applications. In addition there is an overview of the system RAM of FutureOS (2020.07.05).

Complete API Documentation in English: API Englisch (NEW 2018.02.05)

Komplette API Dokumentation auf Deutsch: API Deutsch (NEW 2018.02.08)


 Software Development Kit:

Only parts of our SDK are available for download at the moment, any interest? Contact TFM!

GSEd: Video oriented Matrix Editor to create a game matrix. Video (2018-10-15).

Kane: Sprite-Grabber and Sprite-Move-Editor for 2D / 3D Games (from... don't remember...).

We're using Advanced OCP art studio, FutureOS, G-Paint, Starkos, Soundtrakker, Maxam 1.15 and Maxam II assemblers on real CPCs. Further we use Caprice, WinCPC, WinApe and the great JavaCPC.


Software for CPC and CP/M Plus:

CPM_Plus_ROMs: CP/M Plus on ROM for the Amstrad / Schneider CPC's. Further a set of expansion ROMs containing CP/M Plus applications and the corresponding documentation for it. Enjoy CP/M Plus from ROM! (2016.02.03).


Software for CPC and native OS:

LambdaSpeak_RSX: This is an RSX command extension for the LambdaSpeak expansion interface for the Amstrad / Schneider CPC's. LambdaSpeak III provides real speech with different voices, it plays samples and even MP3 songs. The RSX expansion is self relocatible (LS II). Or you just use te LS3.ROM (LS III). Enjoy the all new wonderful LambdaSpeak III! (2019.08.28).

FlashGordonROManager (for the FlashGordon): Manage all the 32 Pseudo-ROMs of the 512 KB FlashGordon (PulkoMandy & TotO's version of the MegaFlash, see below). There are versions for 64 KB and 128 KB CPCs and for an expansion ROM (including the 32 ROMs Booster in wanted) (2014.03.28).

MegaFlashROManager (for the MegaFlash): Manage all the 32 Pseudo-ROMs of the 512 KB MegaFlash created by Bryce. There are versions for 64 KB and 128 KB CPCs and for an expansion ROM (one version includes the 32 ROMs Booster) (2014.03.28).

ROManager (for the SYMBiFACE II): Comfortably manage all the 32 Pseudo-ROMs of the SYMBiFACE II (Version: 1.45). And you can install the ROManager as single ROM version (including the 32 ROMs Booster) (2014.03.28).

This page was created by TFM of FutureSoft alias Dr. Stefan W. Stumpferl, Schlumpf and Devilmarkus.
Updated on August 31, 2020